SR 450



The STIHL SR 450 backpack mistblower gives fruit growers, winemakers and farmers a long range when spraying liquids, granules or seeds, facilitating efficient plant care. The sprayer can be converted for dusting applications in just a few simple steps, with the 2-in-1 conversion mechanism. The compact STIHL SR 450 weighs 12.8 kg and is easy to carry on your back thanks to the comfortable carrying system. The STIHL 2-MIX engine and the spraying agent supply valve can be operated with one hand using the single-handed multi-function handle. The convenient dosing system is located directly below the control handle. Thanks to STIHL ElastoStart, you can start the engine of the STIHL SR 450 petrol power sprayer easily and effortlessly. When the engine is cold, the simple starting logic with one-time choke control and manual fuel pump supports a quick start. The three standard cone, deflection and double deflection meshes allow you to adjust the shape and direction of the spray jet. The transparent spray agent tank holds 14 litres of spray agent and can be refilled without mess via the large filler opening. The protective collaron the container ensures the backrest cushion is protected from spillages. The STIHL anti-vibration system protects your muscles and joints as you spray. The STIHL SR 450 petrol sprayer’s air filter system with pleated paper filter ensures long service intervals.

We offer a range of optional accessories for mistblowers, such as the STIHL pressure pump attachment kit, which will allow you to achieve a constant application quantity in any spray lance position – regardless of the height difference between the nozzle and the level in the container. The higher pressure also allows a finer spray mist to be generated. The pressure pump attachment set can only be used for liquids with the STIHL SR 450 mistblower.

  • Sprayer and duster with a very long range
  • Fitted with a quick 2-in-1 conversion mechanism for dusting and spraying granules
  • High-capacity tank facilitates extended working without breaks
  • Starting problems are a thing of the past with STIHL ElastoStart
  • One-handed control with the multi-function handle


Displacement 63.3 cm³ 
Displacement 3.86 cu-in 
Container capacity 14 dm³ 
Weight 12.7 kg 
Max. air throughput 1300 m³/h 1)
Max. air throughput 765 cf/min 2)
Max. spraying distance, horizontal 14.5 m

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