HSA 56 Kit With AK10 Battery and AL101 Charger


Just like every tool in the compact battery range our hedge trimmer is incredibly user friendly.
Can trim a hedge 140 meters long on a single charge* All you have to concentrate on is making your hedges the envy of the street.
It’s light weight, maneuverable, quiet (no ear protection needed), virtually vibration free and its unbelievably good at cutting hedges.
Double-sided cutting blade.
Innovative droplet-shaped blade geometry holds twigs more effectively in the blade.
*Performance example usage cutting 140m of 2 metre high hedge with AK 20 Battery.
Kit includes AK 10 Battery and AL 101 Charger.

Technical data

Weight kg 1) 2.9
Bar length mm 450
Rated voltage V 36
Sound pressure level dB(A) 2) 80
Total length cm 936
Tooth spacing mm 30
Battery life time AK 10 min 3) up to 50
Blade length 450mm/18"

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